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Bruin helps you transition your telecom, data and wireless services when business needs change

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Powerfully robust, yet beautifully simple



Control your spend on telecommunications. Bruin provides detailed insight into phone, data and software expenditures across vendors. Save money by eliminating unneeded accounts and rightsizing your plans. Investigate any ledger entry.




Unify your telecommunications device management from ordering to support. Bruin enables full vendor integration, ticketing and employee profiles. Add new locations with ease including bundling and one-step setup.



Migrate to Bruin with ease

Is your current expense management software underperforming? We hear this time and again. You've invested significantly in capturing your billing data, but things have changed. You're not seeing the right information. The savings are dwindling. Or it's simply too hard to use.

Automated data import

The easiest way to migrate from your current expense management software is to give us access. That's all it takes and we'll do the importing, sorting and reporting necessary to get you back to savings. Don't have access? No problem. We can do it the old-fashioned way. Regardless of the approach, our team will work hard to get you migrated in weeks, not years.

Escape from acquisitions

The industry is undergoing an interesting shift. Expense management stalwarts are struggling to integrate legacy systems brought together by an acquisition. If you're ready to switch to clean, easy-to-use software that simply works, get started today.

USDA blazes trail for government shift to the clouds

The US Department of Agriculture saw savings of at least 30% over the past six years as they migrated expenses management to cloud-based software.

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Gartner promotes TEM as a way to rein in telco spending

The growing complexity in telecommunications continues to push businesses to evaluate TEM software as a way to control costs.

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An evolving mobile landscape could lead to runaway costs

A "getting started" overview for how mobile fits into telecommunications management software to simplify visibility and save money.

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