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Bruin Sales Line

1 (800) 876-9823

  1. Request a demo

    One of our expert representatives will walk you through real data to show you how Bruin works and its ease of use.

  2. Send us your data

    Provide us with exports of your employee list, vendor invoices and other data. We import it into your private Bruin environment.

  3. We build a proof of concept

    Give us a few days to create your organizational hierarchy and transform your confusing invoices into illuminating True Inventory™.

  4. See your savings instantly

    We reconvene and walk you through savings, typically around 10%. You’ve now reached the first level of Bruin benefits: visibility.

  5. Trial the system for 4 weeks

    Expand usage and gain familiarity as your organization learns the power of Bruin. We’ll provide advanced training to ensure your team takes advantage of everything Bruin.