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Understand exactly where your devices and services reside within your organization


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Enable growth and prepare redundancies without any excess or waste


Let’s break down the business silos

All too often “operational redundancy” means more than one employee understands your cobbled together management tools: customer support and trouble tickets in one system, new product ordering in another sitting atop an uncountable number of vendor platforms and APIs. The truth is your operations and IT teams spend most of their time putting out fires.

All high-powered operations directors provide tools and transparency so the organization can self-manage. That’s the reason we built Bruin. After two decades of telecommunications experience, we knew that reaching the pinnacle of excellence required empowerment. Questions answered immediately when asked. No more time wasting and case chasing. All knowledge available to each employee, manager and executive and tailored to solve real problems. Quickly. Efficiently.

Know the lay of the land

Bruin True Inventory™ takes the guesswork and spreadsheets out of the equation. Bruin tracks and attaches every phone line, software license and device to an individual regardless of the vendor.

Full workflow for telecom

Implementing a help desk is slow and painful. All of the specialized rules for telecommunications take years to iron out. Bruin comes out-of-the-box with all of these rules built in.


Hidden costs mean hidden management

Overpaying is not the only painful aspect of unmanaged telecom. Managers, controllers and accounts payable spend endless hours tracking down erroneous charges. This all increases your per-line costs and obscures your true spend. A small percentage of your employees abuse data pools and rack up landline fees causing expenditures to balloon. Bruin parses your bills, allocates spend and identifies high-cost people. Now your team can make decisions and cut costs with the click of a button.

Identify data abusers

A small percentage of your employees are consuming all of your data. Bruin separates your pooled data to highlight outliers and enable you to take immediate action. Suspend lines and upgrade plans without a single phone call.

Goodnight, landlines

Sunsetting landlines and slower maintenance leads to reliability challenges. Bruin identifies suitable replacements and recommends modern technology to reduce your dependence on copper.

Calculate your savings with Bruin



Total Spend


Bruin Cost
{{bruinSavings}} NET SAVINGS

Estimating $100/line for landlines, Finance module only. Estimating $100/line for wireless, both Finance and Operations modules. Net savings equals 15% of total spend minus cost of Bruin, which is typical for most companies. Your business savings may vary.

Before Bruin, it would take five or six people to order a single phone. Now anyone can order a phone. Our people are back to working on things with real value to the business.

Regularly Asked Questions

  • Can I host Bruin on my own servers?

    Bruin is a fully cloud hosted solution which enables us to keep you up-to-date with the latest software. That said, we aren't opposed to chatting if you are adamant about running your own version.
  • I already have ticketing software. Can Bruin interface with it?

    We have many integrations with third-party help desk software including API calls, email notifications, file feeds and webhooks.
  • What reports exist and can I create custom reports?

    Our standard set of reports include spend by line, vendor and cost center; full bill details; usage summary and details; wireless optimization; active and inactive inventory; and available interactive business intelligence reports. We also provide robust custom reporting.
  • Do I need developers to implement Bruin?

    Nope, no developers are needed to roll out Bruin. If there is technical work required, we handle that for you.
  • How does my workflow and process get implemented within Bruin?

    After sitting with your team to map out your process, we can have it up and running within Bruin inside of a single business workday.

Easily scale your business systems

Imagine a day when new smartphones and data backups were a simple approval instead of a phone call and negotiation. Whether your business is opening new locations or downsizing to reposition for the future, managing infrastructure during rapid change requires visibility. How many times have you reviewed a device requisition knowing full well there were unutilized devices sitting on desks? If only you could identify and reallocate devices. Bruin can.

Never be the reason why

Are you tired of bearing the weight when something goes wrong? Share status updates, manage real-time inventory and eliminate problems with ease. Every ticket includes extensive notes to explain what’s going on.

Safe and secure

Our private cloud provides peace of mind that your company assets are secure. We comply with FISMA government standards to give executives comfort that Bruin is the best decision.


Simplified support with out-of-the-box telecom workflow*

For nearly twenty years, we’ve answered phone calls and customer emails. The school of hard knocks, you might say. Customer support is a thankless job that has more interaction with real people than any other department. From the first location install to merger and acquisition, Bruin builds upon our experience to automate and simplify help desk. We did all the grunt work building powerful workflows around telecommunications to save you time and simplify your deployment. This is how we get you up and running on Bruin in just a few weeks. Help desk, included.

* Advanced support and workflow provided by our affiliate MetTel for their customers only. Don't have services with MetTel? Let us help you get migrated to streamline your operations and drive savings.

Get repairs done

Via our partner MetTel, we offer White Glove support to elevate your help desk to “amazing” level. Regardless of the vendor or problem at hand, our advanced support team coordinates on your behalf. Bruin provides a single source of truth.

Everything is a ticket

Need a new phone? Create a ticket. Problem with a landline? Create a ticket. Opening a new store? Create a ticket. We ensure that every action within Bruin connects to a ticket. They are trackable and sharable, simplifying your daily activities.


* White glove support, repairs and workflow require services from our affiliate MetTel. Don't have services with MetTel? Let us help you get migrated to streamline your operations and drive savings.

Why do I have more cell phones than employees?

Operational Reliability You Can Count On


funded bills paid on time by Bruin


of your data exportable at any time


of inquiries handled within 48 hours

Guided inventory management that works

  1. Genie Boards™

    We call it modern alchemy. The process of turning a mountain of devices into intelligent action starts with a Genie Board™. We give you one place to start your day. Bruin presents charts and recommendations on what matters, clearly and concisely. Don’t have time to log in? Use our custom integration with Amazon Alexa and simply ask for your daily Bruin briefing.

  2. Investigate Anything

    Curious about a smartphone? Click and explore until you find the story behind it. Bruin True Inventory™ makes it easy to drill down to the device or line regardless of the vendor. Spend more time understanding what’s going on instead of tracking down employees.

  3. Take Immediate Action

    Each Genie Board™ is designed and engineered for action. We bubble up the critical data to empower your decisions. Disconnect unused lines. Upgrade pooled data plans. We empower you to take control of your operations by fully understanding your telecommunications infrastructure.


Government Agency

Curious to see how Bruin can save you money? We helped a civilian agency save nearly $8 million in the first two years by transforming how they managed telecommunication expenses. Download the case study.


Migrate to Bruin with ease

Is your current expense management software underperforming? We hear this time and again. You've invested significantly in capturing your billing data, but things have changed. You're not seeing the right information. The savings are dwindling. Or it's simply too hard to use.

Automated data import

The easiest way to migrate from your current expense management software is to give us access. That's all it takes and we'll do the importing, sorting and reporting necessary to get you back to savings. Don't have access? No problem. We can do it the old-fashioned way. Regardless of the approach, our team will work hard to get you migrated in weeks, not years.

Escape from acquisitions

The industry is undergoing an interesting shift. Expense management stalwarts are struggling to integrate legacy systems brought together by an acquisition. If you're ready to switch to clean, easy-to-use software that simply works, get started today.

Getting started with a free proof of concept

  1. Request a demo

    One of our expert representatives will walk you through real data to show you how Bruin works and its ease of use.

  2. Send us your data

    Provide us with exports of your employee list, vendor invoices and other data. We import it into your private Bruin environment.

  3. We build a proof of concept

    Give us a few days to create your organizational hierarchy and transform your confusing invoices into illuminating Bruin True Inventory™.

  4. See your savings instantly

    We reconvene and walk you through savings, typically around 10%. You’ve now reached the first level of Bruin benefits: visibility.

  5. Trial the system for 4 weeks

    Expand usage and gain familiarity as your organization learns the power of Bruin. We’ll provide advanced training to ensure your team takes advantage of everything Bruin.