Opening and closing stores, ensuring sales up-time, and keeping costs under control requires Bruin. Our advanced bundling makes it easy to package phone, data and devices for a new location with a few clicks. Bruin also organizes your inventory by employee, not vendor. Start using the power of Bruin to transform your retail locations with new technology and data services.

Bundle like a pro

Save time setting up new locations with one-click ordering. Add data redundancy to your point-of-sale system to guarantee you’re never “down.”

All of your telecom, one support number

Upgrade to Bruin White Glove support and we’ll handle any communication with third-party vendors to ensure your stores run optimally and issues solved.


Cost control is a top priority for federal agencies in the US. Bruin helped one agency save nearly $2 million in erroneous fees, invoice charges and inefficiencies. Due to the inherent complexity of government structures, it requires smart software to organize and simplify telecommunications expenses. Bruin is very smart software approved for official duty.

Cost allocation for agencies

Bruin True Inventory™ consolidates landlines, devices and data plans into a unified picture. Allocate costs across vendors and stay compliant with existing contracts.

High visibility into every nickel

Regardless of the agency or department, Bruin simplifies how data is conveyed. Break down bills and consolidate payments to meet EIS needs for reduced costs.


In the fast-paced world of transportation, technology is rapidly expanding communication. From trucking to airlines, employees are connected in more ways than ever across state and international lines. Bruin aggregates, segments and simplifies your telecom billing to keep you focused on moving people and freight. Start utilizing your telecommunications infrastructure to transform your business.

One bill, infinite vendors

If you receive invoices from more than five vendors, Bruin can cut your time managing telecom payables by as much as 50%. We scan your bills. You make a single payment.

Where (oh where) has my device gone?

Keeping tabs on a mobile workforce is difficult. Understanding where their smartphones, tablets and laptops are is next to impossible. Bruin tracks everything so you don’t have to.


Spend more time saving lives. Bruin reduces costs by clearly identifying where you spend money. Cut extra costs with redundant or unused telecommunications services. Simplify how you manage your payables. All of this leads to more time to invest in your patients and products. Bruin can help transform your business into a healthcare powerhouse.

We sweat the small stuff

Every nickel. Every dime. We dig into the details of every bill to make sure you’re not overspending. Save your financial organization time by letting us do the lifting.

Feel better, no rx required

Back office is make or break for most enterprise healthcare businesses. Bruin helps customers save as much as 20% simply by identifying overspend and redundancy.