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USDA blazes trail for government shift to the clouds

The US Department of Agriculture saw savings of at least 30% over the past six years as they migrated expenses management to cloud-based software.

The US government spends enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars on telecommunications each year. The hundreds of thousands of landlines and increasing number of mobile phones presents a unique challenge for such a large organization. Supporting legacy computer systems while adapting to the digital future prompted the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to migrate their expense management to the cloud, saving millions per year.

As expected, the USDA started slowly with the US Forest Service migration. The thirty-percent savings in the first year alone prompted the government agency to include the remaining 29 agencies in the effort. Today, the USDA is saving serious dollars and reducing government waste according to an article on GCN. Next stop? The rest of the US government agencies are poised to make similar strides under the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract vehicle.

According to market research firms including IDC, the US government could save time and money by utilizing cloud-based solutions. With programs in place to facilitate the purchase and adoption of expense management software via EIS, telecom expense management software is expected to grow both in services managed and savings made.