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Gartner recommends TEM as a way to rein in telco spending

The growing complexity in telecommunications continues to push Gartner to recommend businesses evaluate Telecom Expense Management software as a way to control costs.

As the landscape for telecommunications services shift from fixed landlines to mobile assets, understanding and controlling costs is challenging for even the most robust businesses. Gartner, a leader in market analysis within several technologies including telecommunications, released their “Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services, 2017” in May. The exhaustive report highlights the importance for companies to evaluate and purchase Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) software to manage growing complexity and costs. At the same time, software vendors are moving deeper into Information Technology (IT) asset management extending capabilities well beyond the needs that created TEM.

Gartner focuses on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as well as professional services that often accompany software. Increasingly, software is garnering more market share as the TEM solution providers move towards cloud-based systems rather than people-driven service. According to the report, many enterprises state they are challenged to control their telecommunication spend, which globally accounts for 15% of total IT spend–a nearly $3.4 trillion market.

Nearly 90% of US and European enterprise clients are currently under TEM management, but the shift towards Asia/Pacific (APAC) and Latin America as well the increasing ability to service Small/Medium Businesses (SMB) will drive the next wave of TEM customers.

The Gartner report is available on their website or may be provided by Bruin representatives upon request.