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An evolving mobile landscape could lead to runaway costs

A "getting started" overview for how mobile fits into telecommunications management software.

Today’s smartphones take the brunt of the workload for a mobile sales force and remote employees. Smaller businesses may utilize homegrown dashboards from various vendors, but larger enterprises struggle to create consolidated views across all of the providers. Costs are quick to escalate with pooled data abusers running up the bill for organizations with little or no spend insight.

Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) software that originally controlled costs for landlines now provides detailed line-item oversight for mobile data pools. This excellent primer gives a brief introduction to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) structures as well as how to utilize software to manage pooled data and international calling. Whether you are an IT manager or finance director, the first step to managing mobile spend is visibility.

TEMs are no longer an option; they are now required software for businesses of any size to ensure that mobile bills don’t get out of control. Bruin gives you complete visibility into land, mobile, and data spend, even extending to software licenses and other digital and physical assets.